About Herut Center

Informed conservative leadership for the State of Israel

Our Mission

Herut Center is a conservative educational organization that cultivates Israeli intellectual leadership and discourse. Herut Center aims to foster an Israeli society which is entrepreneurial, flourishing, and free, and which reflects the idea of “Jewish exceptionalism” upon which Israel was founded.

What is Israeli Conservatism?

Israeli conservatism stresses the importance of individual liberty and personal responsibility; communal life and civil society; property rights and free markets; limited government and a robust separation of powers; and a peace perpetuated by military strength alongside effective diplomacy. Beyond these universal ideas, Israeli conservatism is profoundly Jewish. It affirms Israel’s status as the nation-state of the Jewish People, and accentuates the influence of Jewish heritage, traditions and nationalism on Israel’s national character, its public sphere, and its civil institutions.

Our Projects

We support a range of programs, publications, and partner institutions that offer platforms for the study and promotion of conservative ideas in Israeli public discourse. Our projects foster new thought and discussion in areas including law, public policy and culture, academia, popular literature, and Haredi leadership. True to our mission, our courses and publications bring to light philosophies and policies not otherwise discussed in Israel. In 2019, we were privileged to start the Israeli Conservatism Conference, an annual gathering of nearly 1,000 people coming together to craft a conservative agenda for Israeli public affairs.

For more information, we invite you to read or listen to the following pieces (Hebrew):
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