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Our Story

The Herut Center was founded in the conviction that ideas matter, and that great leadership depends on their articulation and development. We believe that Jewish, conservative, and Israeli intellectual leadership – whether social, cultural, economic, or religious – can help create a flourishing future for the Jewish people, for Israel, and for the West as a whole. Supporting programs, publications, and partner institutions, the Herut Center is privileged to help advance this mission with a broad community of thinkers and practitioners in the State of Israel.


The Herut Center has launched a variety of intellectual projects advancing conservative ideas in the Israeli cultural and political landscape.

Alumni Community

Nearly 2,000 students, young, and senior professionals have participated in Herut Center seminars, delving into the foundations of law, economics, Zionism, strategy, and more. Here’s what some members of our outstanding alumni community have to say about their experience.

Hodaya Lampert

“The program opened up entire worlds of economic philosophy for me. I was exposed to formative texts which helped me expand and deepen my knowledge in matters of policy.”

Dr. Hodaya Lampert

Adam Smith annual course alumna | Postdoctoral fellow, Technion & Economics lecturer, Ariel University
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“The three weeks of the program were more fascinating for me than three years of university. The combination of the students and the faculty was perfect.”

Mori Amitai

Politics, Economics, and Strategy Seminar Alumnus | Founder of Start-Up in VR

“Tikvah provided me with one of the most significant intellectual experiences I’ve had in my life.”

Sara Haetzni-Cohen

Advanced Conservative Study Group Alumna | Social Innovator and Columnist

“The Tikvah Fund gave me the intellectual tools to deal with my questions, and sometimes an instinctive opposition, to certain concepts taught in academia.”

Elad Malka

Politics, Economics, and Strategy Seminar Alumnus | former Jerusalem City Councilman, founder and director of "Our Interest" free market lobby

“Ten years ago, the Tikvah seminar opened a window into a whole world of ideas, insights, initiatives, and collaborations for me.”

Adv. Gil Bringer

Tikvah Institute on Jewish Statesmanship Alumnus | Former Aide to Minister of Justice, Columnist, Lecturer

“Courses and lectures at the Tikvah Fund convey a unique understanding of the reality in which human societies operate and the right way to make changes and influence processes.”

Shimon Refaeli

Haredi Men’s Leadership Seminar | Student and Host of “Journey Between the Worlds” Podcast

“The Tikvah Fund contributes to balancing between the more commonly held leftwing economic and political approaches and the attitudes of the Right to economics and politics, Zionism and traditionalism.”

Estee Ohana

Haredi Women’s Leadership Seminar Alumna | Law Clerk, Israeli Supreme Court

“The Tikvah Fund has slowly but surely helped cultivate and grow the language and foundational ideas on which Israel’s liberal-national camp rests.”

MK Amichai Chikli

Advanced Conservative Study Group Alumnus | Founder of Tavor Academy, MK for Yamina in 24th Knesset

Lior started his career at one of the biggest law firms in Israel, Meitar Advocates. When joining public service, he served as a political advisor and then as chief-of-staff to then-Minister of Interior Security, Gilad Erdan.....

Adv. Lior Haimovich

Deputy Head, National Economic Council
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