The Israeli Conservatism Conference

Big ideas and great company at the annual gathering of the Israeli conservative movement

Building Community

While Israel finds itself among the most conservative societies in the Western world, there are few manifestations of conservatism in its intellectual, cultural, and political life. For many years, this conservative intuition, shared by so many Israelis, has lacked any organized community or movement.

The time has come for such a movement, and we are honored to offer it a platform. Our conservatism conference is part of this effort, helping develop a uniquely Israeli conservatism, exploring the interaction of conservatism with Judaism, Zionism, and Israeli identity. We invite you to join us, to hone and develop conservative ideas, and to help create a better future for the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

The first Israeli Conservatism Conference launched in 2019 and is set to become an annual national institution. For the first time ever, nearly 1,000 Israelis, including leading thinkers and activists, united to formulate a vision for a prosperous Israeli future, outlining conservative priorities in law, society, economics, culture, education, security and other critical fields. It was a day spent in the company of big ideas, great speakers, and the company of hundreds of like-minded friends.

For conference agendas, speaker bios, and videos from our 2019 conference:


Just some of the incredible Israeli Conservatism Conference Speakers from 2019 and 2021:


Amiad Cohen


Amiad Cohen is the CEO of Herut Center, and the publisher of the Hebrew-language intellectual journal, Hashiloach. He served for several years as the chief executive of his native settlement of Eli and as the head of the Business and Industry Innovation departments of the Mateh Binyamin Development Company. He is also a partner in several business initiatives in the fields of security and technology.


Aylana Meisel

Deputy Director-General, Tikvah Israel

Aylana is deputy director of the Tikvah Fund in Israel, overseeing the Law and Liberty Forum and Tikvah Israel’s annual conference. She worked in senior roles at Tikvah US for seven years prior. She obtained her BA in Jewish Studies from Queens College and her JD from Georgetown University. Her work has appeared in Mosaic Magazine, Commentary Magazine, and other outlets.

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